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Hello, my name is Aleksandr and I welcome you on this site about me&photography. Photo is my life about 8 years, from very beginning to professionals now. Also I'm working and interested in graphic design.

I live in Riga, Latvia, but I'm very mobile and if you wish you, I always have a opportunity to move in any point of Baltic states and make a great photo session in any country in Europe or even World. I will give to every photo all my professional skills and my soul. I am ready to experiment and you will give from it creative spirit and a good result.

On this page you will understand what I do and you'll find answers on any questions.

Types of photo sessions:

Wedding photo shoot

1st option. Full day. Starting in the morning, from the gathering of the bride and groom and till the midnight (remove of veil).
2nd option. Photo session of wedding from the morning till the beginning of the party.
3rd option. By agreement of two sides.

Wedding it's a very stressful day for the bride and groom, and the goal of photographer is the maximum help to make the holiday atmosphere of joy and ease, and that is why the preferred form of reportage photography, where the main task to capture the magic moments of the wedding, and not to disturb the newlyweds to enjoy each other and atmosphere of the wedding day. The most important thing is emotions, memories, real photos of real feelings. Of course, you will get not only reportage, you'll get unforgettable set-up photo shots. I need to know all the needs of the newlyweds, plan of the entire event, and you should proper planning.

In a personal meeting photographer learn the wishes of the newlyweds, choosing the route for walks, preparing props, discusses the plot and theme of future event. It is very important and creative moments in which the photographer involved and he is helping of tips, ideas and plot variations.

Meaning of price

  • Photo shoot in different conditions, combination of various styles, from staged shooting to reportage. Good skills of work in low light conditions.
  • High quality cameras and lenses.
  • On photo shoot always takes two cameras, which eliminates any surprises.
  • Post processing and retouching of all photos. It's a main component of price, as a huge part of work is not in the day of photo shoot, but after that. Post processing takes a lot more of time.
  • Usage of car and photo equipment.

What you get?

  • 500-1500 photos (depending of planning, preparation, events and number of guests).
  • Some photos will be processed with special effects and filters.
  • Writes DVD-ROM with all photos.
  • Photos saves in two sizes. First: big size for print, second: small size for web.
  • You will receive a DVD-ROM with special beautiful cover.
  • If you choose 1st or 2nd option for wedding, all photos additionaly will be write to Flash USB drive (bonus).
  • Storage of photos in archive.

Process of photo retouching usually takes about 1-3 months, depending of season and size of work. Additionally you should pay for petrol, parking, tickets to museum and etc.

Love story, or romantic walk before wedding
Usually it takes a couple of hours to take photos of Love story in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, if you wish we can play on a fictional plot, or play the most memorable moments of your first date. However, if you want you can just relax and have fun, and I will be capturing the most interesting moments on photo camera.

Individual photo session for your portfolio and for you
Portraits, children and family photography, photo shoot of your favorite animals, professional portfolio.

Reportage (editorial)
Sports, news, music shows, happy birthdays, Christmas and corporative events.

Interior, architecture, items and macro photos
Advertising photo of interior, food, objects isolated on a white background.

Photo equipment:

I'm using professional lenses with fixed focal range of L series - Canon 50mm f/1.2 L, Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro and a wide angle lens Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L. By these lenses you don't need to worry about dark scenes. Their characteristics can take photos even in dark rooms without flash, and gives your photos a more natural tone. I'm taking photos on two cameras: Canon Mark 5D II as the primary and the additional is Canon 7D.

Stock photography:

Since 2009 I am working with stock photography, this experience radically has increased quality of my own shoots. This type of work taught me to take photos more carefully and accurate, and in addition to the artistic value of images you need to shoot in a very high quality and control every technical aspect of photo. You start to pay attention to things like excessive noise, glare, poor composition, artifacts, and other unpleasant things, and you realize that for a positive result you should not allow unnecessary mistakes, or then to spend time and fix bugs.

But most importantly in this process that you are every time, every day improves own skills, which is a most valuable addition to the financial component. During this time, I have big Royalty Free Stock portfolio, which can be seen on Top 6 photo stocks.

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How to contact with me:

Mobile phone: +371 265 669 24

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